Bossa Studios Takes to the Skies in Worlds Adrift

Ever wanted to become a pirate? Have you ever wanted to take to the skies? Why not do both? Worlds Adrift allows you to grapple, glide and battle in the skies, and travel to floating lands.

Right away, this reminded me of Guns of Icarus or Air Buccaneers, two games that were team-based shooters involving airships. Worlds Adrift seems to improve on both of these games by varying gameplay and allowing for more exploration. When the game comes out, I’d most like to fly on gliders around and swing. If there’s ever a chance to get from place to place like Spider-man, I’ll take it. Also, since this is being categorized as an MMO, I would like to know if you go on missions or fight enemies besides other players. The official site says that players will “tell their own tales.” That’s good for a multiplayer shooter, but an MMO needs more depth, in my opinion. I hope that Bossa Studios has plans to expand the world as Worlds Adrift goes along.

If you would like to see more gameplay and footage of the game, watch these videos from Bossa. Bossa Studios are the creators of games like I am Bread and Surgeon Simulator. Worlds Adrift is a bit more serious than their previous games. Just a bit.

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Source: Bossa Studios

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