Choose Your Own Fate With New Instagram Game Thirteen

Ever wanted to choose the ending to the book your reading? Thirteen Tom Hoyle’s new novel will let you do just that with an Instagram game based on the book.

An interactive ‘Choose Your Own Ending’ game has been created in collaboration with BAFTA award winning agency Ralph and publishers Pan Macmillian. It uses Instagram as a story-telling platform and utilises the new “tagging” functionality and is co-written by Thirteen author Tom Hoyle to ensure it captures the novel’s tone to put you at the heart of the action.

The game allows you to play the role of the books hero Adam, navigating your way through a stylised narrative and giving you the ability to make life or death choices. The Thirteen adventure culminates with a number of Instagram video outcomes and depending on whether you survive or perish determines how the story ends. There are two successful endpoints and you will either receive a competition code for the chance to win an i-Pad mini; or a discount code for redemption against copies of Thirteen with

Thirteen Instagram Screen


Check out the teaser video:

You can join the adventure on Instagram by going to @thirteenbook – Your days are numbered.

Tom Hoyle’s new book Thirteen; is a thriller about a boy targeted by an evil cult that believes boys born at the stroke of midnight on the millennium must die before the end of their thirteenth year. The book is aimed at teens upwards.

Thirteen year old Adam is being hunted by a cult intent on sacrificing him before he reaches his fourteenth birthday. Twelve other boys, all born at the same moment as Adam at the stroke of midnight on millennium eve, have already been killed, but the murderous cult leader, Coron, will not rest until number thirteen has been sacrificed to ‘the master’.

Thirteen Instagram Adventure

Thirteen is published on the 13th February.

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