Clandestine: Early Access Review

Some early access games are harder to judge than others. The stealth co-op hacker game Clandestine lies within the ranks of games that are legitimately attempting to create a product worth your time. Even as Valve continues to reshape their Early Access program to weed out frauds and opportunists, there are developers who are making a poor product, and are asking for your good money to test it. Clandestine, developed by Danish company Logic Artists, is an earnest effort; but is the Early Access version worth your money and time?

Clandestine Tutorial

Like many games before it, Clandestine is a stealth action/espionage game. In the solo play, your active role is that of an operative, nicknamed Kat. Martin is your ace in the hole, the hacker who not only flips the right switches for you, but also provides a mission briefing before you go into action. Clandestine takes place in the mid-90s. Grunge/Alternative music is still alive, and it’s represented in Kat’s default choice of outfit. The shirt and jeans look isn’t ideal for a covert mission, but Kat is equipped to handle herself.

Clandestine Hacking

In each mission, you can go in quiet, using stealth takedowns, and non-lethal weapons. There are also weapons of distraction, like beepers (remember beepers?), the banshee (a device that stuns with a deafening noise), and flash-bang grenades.  For the kill-crazy, all you have is lethal ammo and frag grenades. Do you need anything else?

Also in the loadout, there are outfits to choose. The low profile outfit (the “grunge” outfit) matches with the stealth loadout. If you don’t want to raise the suspicion of guards, low profile gives you that opportunity. The covert ops outfit is for a player who doesn’t care about stealth, and also wants to carry more gadgets/ammo.

Clandestine hiding

More often than  not, I went with the low profile outfit, and tried for stealth; I really did try!

This is the dilemma of most stealth games. If the mission goes south, and gun-toting baddies are on your ass, you’re stuck with little more than your wits. Your character can only take a realistic amount of damage, and using non-lethal rounds means you need to aim for the head. Clandestine has the remedy for those stealth woes, because you have the hacking element, where you have another pair of eyes to warn you of what’s ahead. With hacking, you can look through security cams, intentionally set off alarms, and open up doors. Stealth isn’t a total breeze because you can hack, but at least a lot of the worry has been eliminated.


Clandestine gets a tentative recommendation from me. For a $29.99 price tag for Early Access, I don’t want anyone to give an absolute go-ahead for a game that’s still rough around the edges. I think that if you and a friend own it, then you’re getting your money’s worth. Otherwise, you’re not going to achieve maximum fun; Clandestine is meant to be played with family and friends. Clandestine is available as a Steam Early Access title until February of 2015.


Rating: 3.5/5
GS Blogger: Vichus Smith

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