Clandestine: Spy Thriller video game co-op revealed

Clandestine is a spy game set in the mid nineteen nineties, shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union. The game has recently entered the Alpha phase of its development and to mark the occasion, Danish developers Logic Artists have revealed some information about the game and its co-operative mode.


Here’s the blurb about the game:

The year is 1996, five years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, a string of accidents and murders have gone unnoticed by the public, but have put the world of espionage on high alert. Former Cold War operatives, believing their cover intact, are being assassinated around the globe. Soviet and NATO spies are being targeted indiscriminately, causing turmoil and suspicion on all sides.

Clandestine Screen Shot

The co-op mode in Clandestine is asymmetrical. This essentially means that one person plays through the game normally and the other acts in a support capacity.  Think the two player mode in  Super Mario Galaxy, where the second player gathers coins and helps Mario jump higher. Or Child of Light, in which player two controls a firefly that assists with combat by gathering energy for spells, slowing enemies down and so on.

In the case of Clandestine, one player plays Katya, the spy and the other controls a hacker. The hacker seems to be more of a puzzle-game mode, however there are stealth elements involved with both players. Check out this developer blog for some more information.

I’m actually quite intrigued by this game and could easily see my wife in the Hacker role (she’s very good at puzzles) with me being the Buxom James Bond type … then playing through the other way around. I think this is one to keep an eye on for fans of stealth games and of spy fiction in general. I know I have my eye  on it now …

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