Craft and Explore With Playworld Superheroes on Mobile Devices Soon

Liverpool based developer Starship is set to launch its creativity fed game Playworld Superheroes on mobile platforms in the new year. The game is set to meld crafting, exploration and action as the player creates and later is able to take control of, their own superhero.

The game is pitched as a child-friendly experience with no in-app fees or hidden dangers and is hoped to appeal to adults and children (5+) alike:

“Where adults see just a cardboard box, a child sees a superhero suit,” said Martin Kenwright, founder of Starship. “With the Playworld series, we want to empower that creativity by giving kids the coolest crafting package to create their ultimate alter-ego. That creativity is rewarded with a spectacular experience in which they act out their wildest superhero fantasies. Each instalment opens the doorway to a new world. Imagination truly is the greatest superpower, and with it comes a world of endless possibility. We can’t wait to see the hero creations our fans bring to life.”

Set in a garden of junk and rubbish, the player begins in the Playworld treehouse crafting hub before taking part in the action on the ground, each installment adding a different enemy or peril to the world. The first mission has the player battling the Goumites, an alien mob on a mission to destroy Playworld.

Keep an eye on your mobile appstore of choice in January. In the mean time, scope out the screenshots below and visit the Playworld Superheroes website here for more information.

playworldscreenshot (2) playworldscreenshot (3) playworldscreenshot (1)

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