Curve Digital to Publish Spirit and Stranded

Curve Digital is set to publish two striking new pixel-art games: Holden Boyles’ Spirit and Peter Moorhead’s Stranded.

Spirit is the first game project from indie filmmaker Holden Boyles. It’s an exploration adventure game that promises a surreal story and over twice the originally planned content and puzzles since it was successfully Kickstarted.

Spirit screenshot

Stranded sees the player waking from cyrostasis on a strange planet and having to explore and deduce what has happened. It promises to be a love-letter to the old style point-and-click adventure games of old, and is set to let the player explore the environment without having objectives and statistics hanging over them.

Stranded screenshot

It’s great to see this style of pixel-art game still going strong. Whether you like these kinds of games or not, it’s more than evident how much love and attention goes into them, which is more than can be said for some recent games.

Stranded will appear on Steam in a few weeks time. Spirit will come later this year but no date has been firmly set. Both will be on PC, Mac and Linux.

Source: Curve Studios
Reporter: Casey Douglass

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