Cyberpunk RTS Satellite Reign Launches on Steam Early Access Today

5 Lives Studios’ class-based real-time-strategy game Satellite Reign is now up on Steam Early Access. Take control of four agents in a cyberpunk open world, each with unique abilities, as they fight for control of a fully simulated living city.

The game is set up to promote emergent gameplay, meaning that the player should be able to devise and execute their own plans without being dictated to by the game. Players can adopt a variety of playstyles, from the full on assault kind to the more subtle hack-them-and-leave-them approach, all aided by the customization options available for each agent.

Satellite Reign is currently on offer until 18th December meaning you can pick it up for 10% less than it would usually cost. That means a UK buyer can currently purchase it for £20.69. If you like your cyberpunk, take a gander on the Steam Store.

Satellite Reign Screenshot 2 Satellite Reign Screenshot 1

GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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