‘Daylight’ Set for Release on April 29th

Procedurally generated horror game Daylight has seen its release date kicked onwards to April 29th 2014. The delay is due to a longer than anticipated tweaking phase in the game’s development, mainly caused by its procedural nature. The development team wanted to go through  the game and make sure every scare cue held the maximum impact for the player and that it was all as good as it could be.

The game itself is set in an abandoned hospital. The player only has their mobile phone for lighting the dark passages and creepy corners and must find a way out whilst avoiding the stalking horrors around them. The procedural nature of the game means that each playthrough should be different, the maze-like corridors and rooms in a new layout each time.

I think that if Daylight lives up to its ideals, it would end up solving one of the main problems with horror games: familiarity. A game that keeps serving up fresh scares in a varied way each time should certainly have a lot of replayability.

The game itself is available at a discounted pre-order price on both Steam and the PS+ Store, so if you are interested in picking it up, you can save a few quid by getting in on it early. Even without the discount, its a cheap enough game so its win-win for the gamer in the end.

A new preview trailer is below, showcasing the potential for scares and panicked turning on spot:

Daylight introduces gamers to a procedurally generated world that replicates the horrifying nature of Daylight over and over again, but creates a different environment for each new game. Each time the player begins a new game, they experience a new world with new content and encounters; from the layout of the building and the things they seek to the events they encounter, it is never the same experience twice.

Daylight Scr 01

Daylight Scr 02

Source: Play Daylight
Reporter: Casey Douglass

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