Drone-based Space Exploration PC Game Duskers to get Full Release in May

Duskers is a PC game by developers Misfits Attic. It puts the player in control of a number of drones which are needed to hunt for precious supplies amongst the echoing corridors of derelict spaceships. If they survive long enough, they may even find out the reasons behind the universe now being a full of these dead ships.

I’ve only really glanced off the various announcements for the game in the past, but having finally taken a deeper look, I have to say that it sounds very appealing to me. The developer says on their FAQ:

“When I created Duskers it was really around a feeling: of being alone in the dark, of isolation, of being surrounded by old gritty tech that could only give you a partial picture about what’s going on around you, like the motion sensor that goes off, but doesn’t tell you exactly what’s out there. I like the idea of needing to rely on that tech, and the claustrophobia and isolation that would cause.” Duskers FAQ

This was the impression the teaser trailer below gave me, well before I read the above words, so it seems like the dev really hit that target, with me at least. The visual aesthetic, and having to control the drones via a command-line interface, all has me very intrigued by how intense and creepy the game might be. It also has me a little concerned about how difficult it is as well, even though the dev does say that the commands used to control the drones are not complicated. Add to this the procedurally generated ships and wider universe to explore and it looks like it is shaping up to be a tasty prospect.

Check out the teaser trailer below and a few screenshots to see if it might be for you. Duskers is currently in Steam’s Early Access section but is set to leave that sometime during May.

Duskers Screenshot

Duskers Screenshot


Source: PCGamer / Duskers.Misfits-Attic.com

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Dusker Screenshots © Copyright Misfits Attic

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