Dystopian Admin-sim Papers, Please Now on iPad

Update 14 December 2014: Apparently Apple has said that it was a misunderstanding and the game can be resubmitted with the nudity option in place.

Just talked to Apple. The initial rejection for porn was a misunderstanding on their part. They suggested I resubmit with the nudity option. – Lucas Pope via Twitter.

Original Story: Admin simulator Papers, Please (reviewed here), releases on iPad today. The dystopian document shuffler by Lucas Pope received a great deal of favorable reviews and press when it launched in August 2013. Now iPad users can get in on the action although with one minor change.

The body scanners that allowed you to check for hidden weapons will now only show the subject down to their underwear, rather than revealing everything. This is a negligible thing but I can’t help chuckling at the irony of a game about bureaucracy falling afoul of rules and regulations itself.


Lucas Pope wasn’t too bothered as the game had a no-nudity setting anyway. He was also relieved:

Losing nudity isn’t too severe imo. The game has other content I expected to cause trouble that didn’t, so there’s some relief. – Lucas Pope

Papers, Please will cost about £5 on iPad but over this weekend will be on sale for about £4. If you have an iPad, I highly recommend picking it up.


Source: Eurogamer
GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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  1. This is an amazing game in which the decisions become more difficult as the game goes on. I second Casey – grab this game

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