E3 2015: Game Trailer Round-Up

As always, there’s been a ton of new games coming out of this year’s E3 convention and without further ado, we’ve got a few trailers for you to check out. Will you be picking any of these up?

  • Unravel (Coldwood Interactive, PS4)
    The cuteness wars may have been won, and the winning shot was fired by a living ball of rope named Yarny. This is a new game called Unravel, and it doesn’t look like anything else you’ll see coming out of this year’s E3. This looks outstanding – it captures a sense of wonder that I think will attract a healthy audience.
  • Ghost Recon: Wildlands (Ubisoft, PC/PS4/XBox One)
    For this trailer, Ubisoft did not spare the squeamish. I think this is the most blood I have ever seen in a trailer in years. So, if that kind of stuff makes you faint, I don’t think you want to see this introduction to Ghost Recon: Wildlands. There are missions where you can either capture, kill, or set up your target. This reminds me of the video game series Mercenaries, a PS2/Xbox 360 era video game where a trio of characters were tasked with bringing down 52 notorious figures. Wildlands is way more widespread than that, with mercs hunting down drug traffickers across the globe. The potential for this to be a successful series is high in my eyes. I think that taking the first person shooters away from military battlefields is a good idea.
  • World of Final Fantasy (Square Enix, PS4/PS Vita)
    The Final Fantasy VII remake isn’t the only thing Square Enix has been working on. Take a look at this Final Fantasy side-story, I guess I would call it. World of Final Fantasy, looks like the kind of game where they have all of the final fantasy characters, monsters and bosses come together in another form. I’m all for it, but what’s with that stacking? I guess you need a unique game feature to keep things feeling new and novel. Maybe it will be fun to play, but more for young kids than any other age group.
  • Recore (Microsoft Studios, XBox One)
    We have seen many sequels, spin-offs or remakes come from E3, but there’s a new contender, Recore, exclusive to Microsoft. There are not many details on it, but it looks like the title of the game refers to switching those glowing orbs from one robot to another, or even turning certain cores from blue to red. The only story that has been told about Recore is that humanity has been largely wiped out, and our hero has managed to stay alive by making some of these robots her allies. It has the makings of a good game, and gameplay footage will solidify that notion.
  • Sea of Thieves (Rare Ltd/Microsoft Studios, PC/XBox One)
    Rare Ltd, the beloved game developer,  have been making games pretty consistently throughout the 2000s, but none that look like Sea of Thieves. Rare calls this their most ambitious game ever, and I cannot disagree. I love the whole trailer, but I am loving the music most of all. Rare is in fine form with Sea of Thieves. A multiplayer fantasy pirate adventure? I’m putting my peg leg on right this moment!
  • Shadow Warrior 2 (Devolver Digital, PC/PS4/XBox One)
    The Wang is back, shaved and ready for action! Shadow Warrior was originally the Asian-themed answer to Duke Nukem. It was not only rude and crude like Duke, but now it was also culturally insensitive. It still is, but Shadow Warrior was also surprisingly fun to play, and a successful rebirth of an old title. I guess that with multiple characters, that means that co-op and/or multiplayer will be introduced. Or it could just be Wang fighting with AI controlled partners. Get your Wang in 2016 – hope you can wait that long!
  • For Honor (Ubisoft, PC/PS4/XBox One)
    I hope you brought your broadsword, because its going to get savage in here. For Honor is a multiplayer game all about melee combat. Since this is Ubisoft, just imagine if you took the swordplay of the Assassin’s Creed game and expanded that into a game about war amongst ancient warriors. We have samurai, knights and vikings all going to war against each other in the fantasy match-up I’m sure a lot of people have wanted to happen for a long time. I’m curious to see how popular this game becomes. Would it make it to E-sports crowds? You never know what has a long-lasting hold over multiplayer gaming audiences. For Honor is coming to the Xbox One, PS4 and PC sometime next year.
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda (Bioware/EA, Platforms TBD)
    You wanna be a space cowboy? The Man in Black is back, I guess. Who expects Johnny Cash to be the theme to a video game trailer? Not that I’m complaining. So what’s new in Mass Effect? I guess we should actually talk about what’s coming back. That can only be Shepard under the helmet, right? All we have to chew on is this brief look. I’d really like some gameplay before I can get fired up about Andromeda.
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake (Square Enix, PS4)
    The Force Awakens is not the only Episode VII that is highly anticipated. Final Fantasy VII is a big deal for Final Fantasy fans of a certain age. It was the first Final Fantasy in 3D, it was cyberpunk, and it introduced many people (I am one) to role playing games, and RPGs from Japan. So while the announcement of a remake was a surprise, the demand for Final Fantasy VII to be remade was not. So you did it, everyone! You yelled and tweeted and petitioned for the game to be remade, and look at the glorious product of your fanaticism! Hey, I’m excited, too. I have not played every Final Fantasy game in the series (I’m so glad that tomatoes can’t be thrown through the internet) but of the ones I have played, Final Fantasy VII ranks highly. So let’s celebrate! The Final Fantasy VII remake is coming soon to PlayStation 4 with a possibility to come to other platforms.

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