EGX: Play Star Wars Battlefield (and more from EA)

Yet more games have been announced for this year’s EGX. This time, it’s EA Games who are up and there are some big titles coming to the show:

  • Star Wars Battlefront;
  • Mirror’s Edge;
  • FIFA 2016;
  • Need for Speed;
  • Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

Personally, I can’t wait to get hold of Battlefront and am interested in trying out Mirror’s Edge. I absolutely loved the first two and while I am expecting the more modern “you have to play constantly to do well” approach to on-line shooters (literally Star Wars Battlefield) I’m not going to let that certainty put me off.

I missed out on the original Mirror’s Edge and am still somewhat skeptical of first-person free-running. Having said that, I think Brink and more recently, Dying Light made admirable steps forward in that field so I will at the very least give this a look-see.

Head on over to the EGX page to pick up your ticket now – if you haven’t already!

Source: EGX Site
GS Blogger: WedgeDoc

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