‘Elf Needs Food Badly’ Gauntlet Gets a Gameplay Trailer

The other day I was having a conversation over twitter about what archer would come out on top out of Katniss, Crow from Hawk the Slayer, Legolas,Hawkeye Robin Hood and a few other notable names. However the one archer I left off the list to my eternal shame was the archer from the classic Gauntlet game. The reason I took the sudden trip down the orc corpse ridden memory lane was the announcement that there was a reboot of the Gauntlet Arcade in the works.

Now Gauntlet was one the games,back in the day, that I poured my pocket money into. The Elf was always my go to character, with the Wizard bloke being my second, if I got to the start button a little late.

Anyone who played Gauntlet knew the heart wrenching and sweat inducing moment the words ‘Elf needs food – badly’ could bring on in a second. Let’s also not forget that mad dash for the exit or those moments when that git death showed up.

To celebrate the upcoming launch of the game  by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WBIE) we now have a cool gameplay trailer which shows off some of the new abilities and powers for the characters.

Looking at the trailer it looks like although they have added a few bells and whistles the core gameplay seems to have remained intact. It will be interesting in the wake  of game series like Diablo how well this version of Gauntlet holds up.

If your heading to E3 then over at the WBIE booth there will be a playable version of the game which is due for release as a PC digital download on 3rd September. If you pre-order you can also score yourself Gauntlet: Darkness Calls.

The only question remains is…who is your go to Gauntlet character?

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Source: http://www.gauntlet.com/

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