Experience Horror as a Blind Woman in Perception

The Deep End Games has launched the Kickstarter for its novel take on the first person horror gaming genre. Perception puts the player in control of a blind woman as she explores a haunted mansion, using her acute hearing and wits to solve puzzles and evade the sinister Presence. Billed as a narrative horror, the game follows Cassie as she explores an abandoned mansion in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Cassie is rather short of weapons, as you might imagine. The only tools at her disposal beyond her own faculties are her cane and smartphone. She navigates the premises by way of echolocation, which is bitter-sweet as if she makes too much noise, she draws the attention of the Presence to her.  She uses the ambient sounds of the house and can also intentionally make noise by throwing objects to put its attention elsewhere.


The game itself takes place over many periods of time, allowing the player to see the house evolve and change as the years go on, the player’s task that of finding the evil in each period and then trying to right that wrong.

Perception sounds like a great concept for a game, and in another guise, might prove a great idea for some kind of Daredevil game. Everything about the concept sounds intriguing, and the idea of a horror game in which the protagonist can’t see sounds truly terrifying. The Deep End Games is a studio made up of old hands when it comes to game design, featuring developers from games such as Bioshock and Dead Space. If anyone can pull this type of thing off, I think they should be able to do it! Visit the Kickstarter page here to back the project and help bring a great concept to life.


Source: Kickstarter / Images © Copyright The Deep End Games
GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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