Explore Destiny With ‘Destiny Planet View’

Fans eagerly awaiting the release of online multi-player FPS game Destiny will love this. You can now explore its worlds and locations via Destiny Planet View, a slick new website powered by Google Technologies. Basically, think Google Maps but set in the game world.

Going to DestinyPlanetView will load a view of the near solar-system from which you can click and explore Mars, Venus and the Moon. Once you are on a chosen planet, you can rotate your view and move around by clicking your mouse. Nice touches include the voice-over and music that accompany what you are looking at, and also seeing game characters in mid-fight as you pan the camera around. Each planet has a number of ‘points’ to see that are an indicator of how much you have found.

Explorers will come across lore, game tips and a few ‘hidden real-world and in-game incentives along the way’.

The trailer for Destiny Planet View below will give you a hint of what you can see and do:

Destiny itself is set for release on 9th September 2014.

Source: DestinyPlanetView
GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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