GAME REVIEW: Square’s Route

Sometimes you just need a game with no frills. Square’s Route is a puzzle game that puts you on a grid. You’re a sentient square (its name is Chameleon Cube), and you have to turn yourself over and crush evil plants along your path. The difficulty goes up once there are plants of two different colours on the board. Your Chameleon then becomes red and blue, meaning you can only get rid of plants if they match the color you squash them with. If you hit a blue plant with the red side of your square, you’re merely making the plant uncomfortable.

SquaresRoute (1)

Difficulty rises again with the addition of tiles that push you forward in a certain direction, and the number of plants that need squashing increase. A significant change doesn’t happen again until level 21, where you meet those other characters on the splash screen, like the porcupine. Porcupines are not you pals. They’re angry, and their quills stick out next to your path. When I first saw these other squares on the splash screen, I was wondering if you play as these characters, as maybe an alternate skin with different abilities.


SquaresRoute (9) SquaresRoute (10)

I haven’t been through much of the game, so I don’t know how the other characters (like the tiger) figure into the gameplay. I did take a peek at the images from the Steam store, so I know that a third colour plant will show up eventually, and there is more verticality to the boards. There are 100 levels in all, and I think it will take me a while to get through them all.


SquaresRoute (12)  SquaresRoute (11) SquaresRoute (3)  SquaresRoute (5)

On the downside, Square’s Route feels sparse. A game does not need to have different modes, extras, or any other digital nick-knacks. Square’s Route feels like it should have extras and additional modes though at least have a leader board to see if someone completed a level in half the moves you did!

Even as it is, as a bare-bones game, I am highly satisfied. Puzzles scratch a mental itch that shooting/stabbing dudes in other video games cannot. I need this sort of game in my life from time to time.

SquaresRoute (7) SquaresRoute (8)

Square’s Route is available on Windows and Mac and is available through Steam and Green Man Gaming for £2.79 ($3.99). It’s also coming to iPhone and iPad later this year, which I think is a much better fit.


GS Rating: 4.5/5

GS Blogger: Vichus Smith

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