GAME REVIEW: Suicide Squad: Special Ops (PC)

Sometimes, the best things in life are not free. It happens often: a big movie comes out, and a video game tie-in is released alongside it. Warner Bros’ Suicide Squad also got its video game tie-in, but this time you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it- or any money at all.

Suicide Squad Special Ops is a free to play game (no in-game purchases that I’ve seen) that is available on mobile devices, and desktop PCs or Macs. When I saw the news that the game was free, I immediately leapt on it. I didn’t want to watch any more trailers that would spoil the Suicide Squad film (I’ve seen it since then; loved it) but I still wanted something to maintain my interest until I could see the film. It was a quick download, and I fired it up. What I played was, well, what I should expect from a totally free game, a free game that’s also a movie tie-in.

Special Ops gives you the chance to choose between three villains-turned-heroes. We have Deadshot, played in the film by Will Smith; he is an expert marksman who kills for the right price. Then you have Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie); Joker’s main squeeze, and El Diablo (Jay Hernandez); a gangbanger with explosive anger. You get to pick one of the three, and then the fight begins. As far as I have gotten, you only encounter these humanoid, pitch black creatures, who get trickier to kill as you progress. Some of the creatures will have weapons, some will be bigger, and some may even kill themselves in an attempt to take you with them.

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Each of the Suicide Squad members have their strengths and weaknesses. If you like ranged fighting, you choose Deadshot. If you like to get up close, use Harley. If you hate having to look for bullets or reload, El Diablo is your dude. They each have special abilities, too. El Diablo rages out and creates a big circle of fire. Harley has the best special ability, which gives her a big damage boost so she can kill anyone in a couple hits. Deadshot gets an ability that is very familiar to shooters: time slows down, and he is able to get many more shots off at once.

With each special ability, each character activates it in their own way. Deadshot can’t activate his special ability unless he gets enough headshots. Harley activates hers through a combo hit system, and El Diablo gathers his special ability the more he sets things on fire. These are neat ideas, no doubt done somewhere else in a higher profile, bigger budget game. The official Suicide Squad site offers nearly nothing in terms of credits for the game. All I know is that it’s developed by Warner Bros. Entertainment. So I have no idea if the creators of Special Ops have a better game on their resume, so I can take a peek.

Suicide Squad: Special Ops is a cheap game, made for mobile- but also available on desktop computers. The graphical quality is acceptable on a tinier mobile screen, but not up to the quality you want on your TV/monitor. At least it doesn’t demand a lot from your computer, so it can play on a laptop, or your older setup. This game is just…okay. It’s alright. The biggest issue in my experience is that you cannot save the game. You fight these faceless humanoid monsters in waves, and you play to beat your high score. I may or may not take another turn at it, but it’s not so good that I want to go through the same fights constantly. There is no voice acting, so you can’t even enjoy someone pretending to be Will Smith; and while you do have the other two characters as backup, they don’t seem to be that much of a help to you. Playing is frustrating at times, because you want to save and continue from where you left off. Unfortunately, this is very likely a game rushed out without features that would be useful to players. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get another DC Comics based game as interesting as the Arkham games?

If you want to play Suicide Squad Special Ops, you can get it on the iTunes or Google Play store, or download it on your PC/Mac.

Rating: 3/5

Reviewer: Vichus Smith

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