GAME REVIEW: Siegecraft Commander [PC]

Oh, so there are some new tricks left in the strategy genre? Siegcraft Commander is the latest game from Blowfish Studios, developers of the mobile version of Siegecraft, and several other mobile titles. Commander seems to be their biggest and most ambitious title, which means they’ve put great effort into a game that will earn a lot of attention.

What impressed me the most about Siegecraft Commander is how much you can do on the play field. In Commander, you are building your defense and offense by creating buildings from your keep, your main structure. The map is huge, so you will end up building a crazy amount of weapons and structures. We then get to the novel design of Commander: flinging your structures. The way you build any structures is similar to a game of pool, or maybe golf: you have a green arrow to indicate where your structure will be flung, and a second indicator to show how far the structure will be flung. All your structures are tied to the main keep by walls, so that is the major limitation on where you’re able to build. Here is a taste of the size and scope of Siegecraft Commander:


When you don’t have to wait for your structures to be built , it makes for a faster paced game. If you want a quick and dirty version of strategy combat, Siegecraft Commander has figured out a new form of strategic combat. Just as quickly as you build them, your structures can be toppled. Since outposts, the primary building from your keep,  can be flung closer to the enemy’s location, it can be easy to be caught by surprise, and have all of your progress bombed.

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Upgrading to better weapons and defenses can only happen if you build structures near a crystal. If you have a blue and orange crystal, for instance, you can build a hatchery, which allows you to summon dragons. Dragons are cool. In the single player campaign, you can play two distinct stories: humans or “Lee Zhard Men.” Voyage for Glory is what you expect: the humans fight the Lee Zhard Men. Crusade of Hope actually begins with one Lee Zhard Man tribe fighting another. So you are getting two complete stories, instead of seeing the story from two perspectives.

Although there is local and online multiplayer, I’ve had no luck with multiplayer on PC. I almost got into a match a couple times, but the game crashed, or booted me back to the main screen. I don’t know where the online community for this game is. I’ve given it a couple weeks, and I feel like that is enough of a chance to find a matchup. It’s seriously unfortunate, because I wanted to match my skills against others. Not being able to play multiplayer is the greatest negative that has stuck with me. There are other minor issues, like the inability to change the mouse sensitivity, but nothing that harms the quality of the game.

Siegecraft Commander is available on Steam, and is available for Mac and PC.  It is also compatible with the HTC Vive VR headset.  It’s priced at £14.99 ($19.99). The game is also available on PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

GS Rating: 3.5/5

GS Reviewer: Vichus Smith

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