GAME REVIEW: The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn

I should start this review by saying that I’m a big fan of the kid with the dodgy hairstyle and his little white dog. I spent many a wet saturday afternoon running back from the library with a smile, not even the outpouring of the heavens could wipe away, as I had Tintin’s latest adventure tucked under my arm.  I really enjoyed the new film  so was eager to have a go on the game tie in.

There is no denying that the game can be repetitive and feel rushed in parts. In fact the first level which shows Tintin acquiring the model unicorn ship felt like pulling teeth. The cut scenes were basic and  graphics poor. However I found once the game switched to the 2D levels that after a few hours of playing  I still hadn’t put the game down and I was now wearing  a wide grin.

The level design on the 2D levels  is anything ground breaking as you effectively just move from room to room solving simple puzzles and finding new ways to knock out your foes.  However it is a solid 2D platformer that was reminiscent of the Xbox Live Arcade title Shadow Complex. I’m a sucker for platform games as they give me a bit of an old school feel when I play them and Tintin was no exception. One level in particular which had you escaping a sinking ship was one highlight for me.

In game combat is simple enough with a few options open to you. Enemies can be taken down with a few solid right hooks, there are also some rudimentary sneak attacks (the hiding in the barrel being my fave) or you can use the environment, like allowing them to chase you and leading them onto some strategically placed water and watching them sail off the edge.

There are  a few 3D levels where you can pilot a seaplane or engage in a sword fight while playing as Captain Haddock ancestor Sir Francis Haddock. I found the plane level fun (well fun  once I made it out of the storm section) but the sword fighting level was awful with bad controls and just felt like an excuse to be able to stick a ‘Kinect’ sticker on game in an attempt to increase it’s value. I would have rather they just throw in a few more of the fun 2D levels instead.

The game is squarely aimed at kids and while not the best game or film tie-in the world has a fun charm that I could not deny and I think young fans of the film and the character will enjoy it. No one dies in the game they just lie there with stars spinning in their head and that goes double for Tintin, so it’s very family friendly. At certain points in the game you can control snowy the dog but these sections. aren’t  long and usually involve grabbing a key from a hard to reach place or sniffing out a trail.

The game would make a fantastic Xbox live arcade game at a reduced price but I would not pay £40 for this game. I have seen it on Amazon  for £17.99 and that is much more like it.

I do think the game, like a lot of  games which are  film tie-ins,  feels in parts like it was rushed to coincide with the films release (cuts scenes and Kinect levels, especially the sword fighting I’m looking at you) which I think is a shame but if you look beyond that there’s a really fun game here.

Overall The Adventures of  Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn despite it’s flaws is a fun 2D platformer aimed at kids.

GS Rating: 3/5

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GS Reviewer: Nuge

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