GS Network welcomes you to the world of indie gaming: Indie Asylum – Episode 1

And here it is, our eponymous debut as we throw open the doors to Indie Asylum and invite you inside to gawk at our wares.

So if regular gaming entertainment is driving you mad, try out something different, as something indie this way comes.

On this weeks show we take the theme of “Darkness” and shine a light on some fantastic indie titles:

1. Penumbra Overture / Amnesia: The Dark Descent

2. Limbo (Xbox 360 Live Arcade 1200 points)

3. Devils Tuning Fork

Soul (Xbox 360 Live Indie Game – 80 points)


Graveyard Graveyard Revolution

Creaky Old Memory

Kickstarter – Sixth

Kickstarter – Gametrekking

Direct Download: Episode 1

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  1. soulfinger /

    Looking forward to listening to this guys. Just tweeted the link to it.

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