This week at GS Table Games, we look at fantasy card strategy game Warage, from Italy’s own District Games!

The Official Blurb: Warage is a strategic, non-collectible card game, developed by a group of gamers that love the idea of merging deckbuilding and role-playing games. We wanted to create a cheap, reliable and easy but also deep and complete card game for everybody, that could let you play without being trapped in super-pricy cards or luxurious events. In Warage there are 3 Classes (Warrior, Paladin, Mage ) and 4 Races (Humans, Elves, Orcs, Angels) with unique abilities. You have all the 327 cards already: choose your strategy and build your deck. You are the Hero! Equip yourself with the most powerful combination of weapons, armours, shields, spells, trinkets and other equipment. Surprise your opponent with your Flash cards and use the Season in play at your advantage. Beat everybody in a 1Vs1, 2vs2 or team battle game. If you are the last Hero standing, you win!


So Warage card game. It reads well right? Well, there’s just one problem – in my opinion, they haven’t finished the game yet (well, the version they sent me). Originally, I thought the problem was a translation thing, but there were times that we just couldn’t make head nor tail of the instructions. Then we visited the official website… not much meat on the bone there either, beyond what came in the box. There is an iOS app, but it’s only available in Italy, and not compatible with iOS 7.0 :-(. And to be fair, the website does call out for game developers, so clearly they are aware of their own shortcomings. Their FaceBook page was a bit more promising – 560 likes, and photos & comments that at least some people are enjoying it. Oh, and there is also a sort-of helpful video on YouTube.



In essence, you are a solitary character, fighting to survive in a world post some ancient wars between Orcs, Elves, Humans and Angels. Your key objective is to get the most powerful equipment you can find, such as hand-crafted swords and shield, magic scrolls, or what remains of the high-tech weaponry produced by past civilizations. The key metric of the game is that each character begins the game with 100 Hit Points (HP) and in order to play any card you have to pay its cost in HP. During your round you can equip your character with the items you have in your hand and you can attack your opponent(s) either through Physical Attack or Magic Attack.

So, we managed to get a few games out of it, although it’s clear that we started filling in the ambiguities of the instruction booklet with our own rules. The concept is good – base race characters can be combined with unique abilities in advance of combat; then like any good deck-builder game there are weapons, spells, events, etc which increase the variety and therefore repeat playability of the game. The card quality, detail and layout are all very good, it was just the instruction manual that we struggled with.

My strong advice to the game makers would be, tidy up the manual and they have the makings of a really great game… but not quite yet. The cards themselves are good quality – nice artwork, clear wording to indicate powers and game-play, and they have obviously been designed with expansion in mind. Oh, and one more comment from my children – improve the packaging – there is no way in the box to keep the cards separated in storage.

Rating: 3/5

Source: Warage

Reviewer: SilverFox

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One comment

  1. Hello everybody and thanks for the review of Warage!
    I am Pietro, from the development team of District Games, I am happy to update you with the fact that the early version that SilverFox reviewed before its release on the market was improved with a total re-writing of the rulesheet from our friends and partners from Eagle Games!
    The game in its final version has just arrived in US, so thanks for your early review, I am sure you will appreciate the new “bullet-proof” translation 🙂

    As a matter of fact, succeeding in our Kickstarter campaign helped us a lot in working on the final version of the game, that already has 3,000+ players in Italy (and 11k like on our international facebook page!), with 2 expansions already available on the market (you are super-right SilverFox, this game will show great things through the new expansions…we can’t wait to let the players enjoy it!), two new expansions ready to be released in Autumn 2014 and one book.

    Also, I hope you have been able to download the iOS app “Warage Toolkit”, because as far as we could check it is on the Apple Store perfectly working.
    Let us know!

    Sorry for the long reply, you can’t imagine how much we care about our US launch at District Games!

    Cheers everybody
    Pietro and the District Games

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