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London, UK – 6th October, 2010 – International publisher Bigben Interactive has today invited younger gamers to saddle up and ride out for the fastest light gun duel to end them all, Western Heroes. Released exclusively for Nintendo Wii, Western Heroes will be bundled with a unique Wii Remote and Nunchuck compatible rifle peripheral – based on the famous Winchester rifle – when it is published this November.

In a setting inspired by the great Spaghetti Westerns of the 20th century, Western Heroes tells the story of four seasoned compadres on a mission to foil the devious plans of the sinister Molina, who threatens to turn the rugged prairies into an industrial wasteland. Up to four players at a time will blast their way through classic ‘Wild West’ scenarios including a steam train, a cattle ranch, an old mine and many more. Completing story mode chapters will unlock additional challenges and survival mode levels for extended play to test players’ accuracy and reactions.

I thought Western Heroes was going to be a lame attempt to cash in on the old notion of having  a cool peripheral and people will line up to buy this game regardless of whether the game is good or not. In this case the peripheral is a Winchester style light gun which snugly houses the wiimote and nunchuck fit snugly into. If that isn’t cool enough rather than have the usual ‘point the gun of the screen to reload’ method the makers have made it so you can use the Winchester to reload the same way it does in all those western flicks. You simply pull down on the reload lever on the gun and hey presto instant reload. After playing with it for five minutes it became my fave peripheral on the Wii ever. Out of the box the gun works really well and if it doesn’t work as well you can easily recalibrate the gun on screen. I think my next move will be to make my own holster so I can slide the gun into evil dead style…it ha to be done. I have seen some version of the gun which aren’t white but have been painted to look like a real Winchester and it’s a same those ones aren’t being sold in this country. I’ve  also yet to try the add on to see how well they work with other games (House of the Dead anyone?)

The gun maybe great but is the game any good you ask? I’m happy to say that not only is the peripheral a lot of fun but the game is as well. Think of the old school arcade classic Virtual Cop but given a Western style make over and that pretty much describes Western Heroes. Like Virtual Cop the game is an on the rails shooter with bad guys popping up from roofs, on horseback and many other hiding places. You a giving a certain amount of time (show by the target changing from yellow to red before your enemy will fire back.  You can also change up your wespon to a machin gun style effect (works better than it sounds) and shoot other icons to give you extra health and bullet times special moves. It’s a simple but addictive shooter.

Even though the game is on rails the developers have played with the concept a little moving you from stagecoach riding, horseback to rafts. The level design is fun but isn’t going to win any awards for originality but when the game is so dammed fun who cares?

The game also allows four players to play and you can play with just the wiimote/nunchuck combo but seriously anyone playing this game needs to get the Winchester add on if they want to get the most fun out of it.

As you play you can unlock different modes including a survival mode and a few levels that test your skill by throwing plates and barrels to the air for you to shoot over a set time limit.  These additional mini games help give some marks in the re-playability side of things. However even without these extra modes I could see myself coming back to this game every so often to relive a little stress and have a laugh. It would be cool if in the future the makes could add maybe a colt .45 peripheral to go with the game ( I may have to go hunting on Amazon). They could then perhaps add in a quick draw showdown against an online opponent (something for Western Heroes 2 maybe?).

The visuals are nothing to shout home about but they are pretty decent for the Wii and  I was enjoying the game so much that like most Wii gaes how good the   graphics are became a of little consequence

In short if you have a Wii, love westerns, loved games like Virtual cop or Time Crisis back in the day and can get hold of this with the Winchester rifle peripheral then do it pardner…do it today.

GS Reporter: Nuge

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  1. Danny McCabe /

    Read your review and saw the game and gun in HMV.It is every bit as good as you say,however when you get to about 90% the way through the game it crashed.Went to another HMV shop and got a replacement.Same again at the same point.Want to speak to makers of the game but think they are in France.No email adress or contact telephone.Only a postal address.Dont want to go back to HMV as they only had one in each store and seems to be a common problem.Love the game but want it fixed so as to complete.Any advice?

    • i have the same isssue got game last week and it froze near the end,exchanged it and this one is the there must be a glich in the programme

  2. r mccarthy /

    r mccarthy
    yes this has happened on 2 discs. the faq from blue mouth is inaccurate. had to shut down power from wall socket. not able to return to menu any other way. this is with pistol not rifle box. perhaps program failure is by countrys’ system. 14/07/2011

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