A 24/7 Videogames TV Channel coming soon to the UK this November!

A decent UK based gaming channel is something we’ve been sorely lacking in the past and to be honest it’s been a while since we’ve had a decent videogame show in the UK. Hopefully with a whole channel dedicated to games programming there should be something in there to like.

GINX TV Today Announced The Launch Of A Full 24/7 Videogaming Television Channel In The UK

Thursday 28th August 2010 Edinburgh Festival /… Ginx TV, a global operator of video gaming channels and producer of the gaming television show Gameface, today announced the launch of a dedicated UK TV channel.

Ginx TV UK will hit the airwaves by the end of November 2010 and is aiming to be fully distributed across Sky and Virgin Media Networks. Ginx TV is looking at both High Definition and Standard Definition distribution.

The announcement was made by Ginx TV CEO Michiel Bakker at Edinburgh Interactive, the games industry’s cross business gathering at the Edinburgh Festival, the world’s largest arts Festival. Bakker was one of the original founders of MTV Networks Europe in 1987 and was also Chairman of Nickelodeon and Paramount Networks.

Bakker commented: “Launching our channel in the UK, the world’s second largest videogaming market, will propel Ginx to the big league. The next step for me is to accelerate the roll-out of fully localised channels in key markets around the globe.

“Video gaming is the only massively mainstream entertainment genre without a dedicated channel. My ambition here, is to do for gaming what MTV did for music. Video Gaming has broken through into mainstream entertainment, yet is thoroughly under-represented on TV. “

Ginx TV recently completed a successful fundraising round.

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  1. Alas shame on a Freeview, but that’s great news for us gamers….

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