Amazing Fan Made Skyrim Film

Skyrim-logo-dragon A lot of the time fan films are “OK” however just sometimes they are amazing.  Skyrim: Into the Void is just that. With a high production value and some great fight scenes, this fan film is a must-see.Directed by Warialasky, this 20 minute fan film is very high quality with some cool special effects and some fantastic action scenes. Here’s the synopsis:

Dovahkiin, the noble dragonborn hero, is cursed in a fight with a vampire. He spends a considerable time wandering the realm before being captured by the Dark Brotherhood, who offer him a deal. Dovahkiin agrees to help the Brotherhood save a captured member from the Necromancers, in exchange for a cure to his vampirism.

I was really impressed by the film and even though I have only just started Skyrim I really enjoyed it. Let us know what you think.

Reporter: Amy
Source: Geek Tyrant

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