American McGee and Undead Oz on Kickstarter

e4c440d38a43d43e66d3d6bfca087d27_largeHooray! Another game taking an established world and adding Zombies! …no, wait, come back! This one is a little different. Well, sort of different.

American McGee, probably best known for his “Alice” PC games, is bringing his latest game to Kickstarter, new home of Computer Game funding, and wants to mash Zombies with L Frank Baum’s venerable Land of Oz.

OZombie is a mainly single-player game set in an alternative version of Oz with a modern Dorothy (pictured below) fighting hordes of the undead to win back control of the land from The Scarecrow. Actual gameplay mechanics seem a little vague, and the kickstarter page only states:

  • Feature a variety of perspectives and game modes with an emphasis on role-playing, tactical combat, exploration and story telling.

The page also talks a lot about being a tale of non-comformity against a subtext-heavy zombie horde, and is worth a read – it may be light on detail but it’s big on vision. The page also has some pretty cool artwork, which you’d expect from a McGee game.


See? Pretty cool !

Reporter: Matt
Source: Kickstarter

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