American McGee’s Latest Game Comes to Kickstarter

a90966a02c523f1e4b2591f57346ca18_largeWell, it seems that the rush of “name” creators bringing projects to Kickstarter isn’t over yet.

American McGee, best known for American McGee’s Alice and and his work on the original Quake has opened a project asking for $200,000 to support Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, an action-RPG inspired by the Red Riding Hood Myth and sporting what it calls “Japanese Themes”.

Whats interesting about this one is that Akaneiro is going to be Free-to-Play, so what you’re funding is an expansion of features and platforms that will be available to all. It is also already in an advanced state of development – Closed beta testing is apparently well underway and it’s also been pushed through Steam’s Greenlight Program. Essentially the game already exists, but they’re asking for funding to finish and/or further enhance it, depending on how charitably you read it.

If you fancy a further look, full details are on the Kickstarter page here.

Source: Kickstarter
Reporter: Matt

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