Apple’s latest idea!

Ok i don’t know what to think about this….

Apple have filed a patent on a peice of software that will take screenshots during game play and then create a Comic book for you to read and share with your friends!

Hmmm there is only one thing more boring then watching your friend play a computer game! and that’s READING ABOUT IT!

Once the game is finished and the book has been generated, Apple lays out several plans for distributing the work, sending an eBook to a device, directly to the user, or using a service to print physical copies of the book, sending them to the user and friends. Physical copies sounds like a expensive option!
Apple Patent Turns Your Games Into Comic Books

The application isn’t limited to the iPhone and iPad as all gaming consoles were mentioned in the Patient!

i’m not sure about this! it is ethier the greatest idea ever or a absolute waste of time. time will tell i suppose!

GS Reporter: Matt

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