BioWare Working on Wii U Port of Mass Effect 3
30/08/2012 Gaming News

It was E3 last year that Nintendo revealed the Wii U console with the promise of PS3 and Xbox 360 beating graphics and the sort of 3rd party development support the Wii never had. One of the games revealed at E3 was port of Mass Effect 3 and we now have more info on its development.

We’ve not had a flood of information on Nintendo’s new Wii U console since they announced it at E3 2011 but this should change in the next 2 weeks as a Nintendo press event will surly finally reveal costs, final specs, release dates and launch titles. One anticipated 3rd party title is Mass Effect 3. It’s been revealed that Bioware is working with Australian developers Straight Right for the Wii U port of Mass Effect 3. No other details are available but at least we know the development is in progress. With the Wii U expected to be release this autumn, we will have to wait to see if Mass Effect 3 will be a launch title or will be coming in 2013.

With the PS3, PC and Xbox 360 versions all already available for some time now, I do feel that anything more than a 2012 release date for the Wii U version seems a little pointless but exclusive content, DLC and optimisation for the Wii U gamepad could make this version appealing.

Reporter: Soulfinger

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