Blood Bowl – The Video Game

Cyanide are making a multi-platform video game based on Games Workshop’s “Blood Bowl“.

They have released a few trailers recently, all of which look a lot of fun, and can be viewed in full over at the official site:

I’ve always thought that football would be the perfect geek obsession, if it wasn’t for the football.

Think about it… you’ve got the characters, the heroes, the stats – geeks of all stripes like numbers that they can memorise, as long as those numbers don’t require any maths – the team and player histories. And of course, the pitting of one group against another based upon arbitrary lines of allegiance…

Swap “episodes” out with “matches” and you’re almost all the way – got your seasons right there.

But actual football – American, English or Australian – just involves too much running around and blokiness for me. Other than an early obsession with “Football Manager” – on the ZX Spectrum – a love of computer games hasn’t managed to extend into the world of team sports.

Another pastime that should have been perfect for me was that of “Blood Bowl”. The long-popular Games Workshop table-top game has all of the elements that make football perfect geek fodder, but you don’t have to go outside or be terribly fit or boisterous to play it, and it has the added bonus of being heavily fantasy themed – made-up crazy and violent sports are always a winner – and also of having lots of collectible bits and pieces that you can sink a lot of money into.

If there’s one thing that geeks love, it’s obsessive collecting – the more recklessly expensive, the better.

But much as I loved the idea of “Blood Bowl”, and the nasty mix of luck, strategy and violence that the tabletop game represented, I never got sucked in as deep as I could have. For a start, you could spend a lot of time and thought on painting your little miniature players, but I was never that good at painting them.

And then there were the rules! I love games, but I suck at remembering rules – I’m always the person at the poker table having to ask what cards and hands do what.

If this video game version of the Warhammer themed sport is as good as it’s looking over at the official site – – That perfect moment of geeky sport obsession may be in my grasp. It looks like the game can be played in turn-based or real-time modes, and you can create teams that you can play in a campaign or tournaments, or go online to play against other people’s teams.

If it’s perfect, you’ll be able to build up characters with training and experience, and create your own sporting legends. The turn-based mode in particular is pretty neat – other games based on Games Workshop games like Warhammer and Dawn Of War have been ok action games, but haven’t really recreated the strategy elements that the tabletop games have.

And you don’t have to paint your own miniatures. Or remember the rules for yourself. Result!

GS Reporter: Nick!

Source: Blood Bowl Game Official Website

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