Borderlands 2 Live Action Advert is All About Co-op and Guns

A new live action advert for Borderlands 2 has landed online and it promotes to 2 main elements of Borderlands 2……..great co-op action and a barzillion amount of customisable guns.

The original Borderlands became a surprise hit when released back in October 2009 with high review scores and it went on to sell over 4.5m copies worldwide. I pickup a copy a couple of months after its release and it instantly became one of my favourite games that year because of its great gameplay, action, art style and the huge number of weapons available. Co-op was another big elements but having jumped in a few months after release and focusing on completing it myself I pretty much missed out on the co-op side of things (that wont happen with Borderlands 2).

A lot hype has followed the development of Borderlands 2 and its is easily one of the most anticipated game of the autumn. Check out this trailer that promotes the games 2 main features.

Borderlands 2 will be released on the 18th Sept in North America and 21st Sept in Europe

Talking of co-op, make sure you listen to The Next Level Podcast Ep 45 as our feature was on co-op gaming.

Reporter: Soulfinger

Source: CVG

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