Call of Juarez – Gunslinger trailer

Call of Jaurez GSUbisoft has released a teaser trailer for their upcoming new game  Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. Gunslinger is the fourth title in the Call of Juarez series and returns the franchise to the Wild West following the modern day setting of The Cartel.

From the dust of a gold mine to the dirt of a saloon, Call of Juarez The Gunslinger is a real homage to the Wild West tales. Live the epic and violent journey of a ruthless bounty hunter onto the trail of the West’s most notorious outlaws. Blurring the lines between man and myth, this adventure made of memorable encounters unveils the untold truth behind some of the greatest legends of the Old West.

Gunslinger is due to be released on PC, Xbox Live Arcade and PSN in some point in the first half of 2013.


Source: CVG

Reporter: Soulfinger

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