China Lifts Ban On Video Games Consoles

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are about to get a huge boost to their business’ after China’s State Council confirmed that they will be lifting a ban on the sales of video games consoles in their country that has been in place for 14 years. In 2000, the country stopped consoles being sold, claiming they could be harmful to young people.

The lifting of the ban may only be temporary but officials have not confirmed any time-scales and are yet to clarify the statement in more detail. With several current games consoles actually manufactured in China, many units have found there way into the Chinese market unofficially. With these consoles already being manufactured in China it may allow manufactures like Microsoft to quickly and easily make stock available for China.

PC gaming that has been available in the country currently dominates the Chinese games market and is estimated to be worth $14bn (£8.5m), with free browser-based and mobile games also popular. In 2013, the market grew 38% from the previous year to reach over 83bn yuan according to data released at the annual China games industry conference in December. The addition of console systems could see the Chinese games market double in the coming years.


Source: Sky News

Reporter: Soulfinger

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