Class 3 Outbreak – Zombie Game Gets A Trailer

A couple of days ago, I was introduced to an incredibly eerie zombie-outbreak simulator made by BinarySpace, using Google Maps imagery and editable parameters that let you choose how armed you want the civilians to be, how fast you want the zombies to move, and other factors that speed up or otherwise change the shape of the spread of the zombies.

The simulator seems to have been developed in the pursuit of creating a web based casual game, wherein you control a squad of police trying to hold off the zombie hordes.

That game, “Class 3 Outbreak”, just got it’s first trailer:

I’m watching this with interest – I’m a big fan of web-based tower defense games, and zombies, and this looks like an intriguing approach to both. Graphically it’s simple, but if you want a sense of how this might feel as a complete game, go here and run a few simulations.

GS reporter: Nick!
Binary Space Games

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