Deadspace & Resident Evil make their way to Wii

So what do you do if you’ve got a survival-horror game franchise that you want to bring to the Wii, but you can’t work out how the hell you’re going to transfer your complex third-person gameplay to the Wii’s trademark “wave your arms around like crazy” control system?

First-person shooter on rails! That’s what!

Capcom did this with “Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles” a couple of years back, and return to the genre and console with the Wii-exclusive “Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles” (as seen in this trailer from the Japan Expo):

And now EA seem, from this new control system video, to have found that that’s the best way to go with “Deadspace: Extraction”, too:

It makes a certain amount of sense – as much as FPS On Rails might seem like a step backwards in a market demanding more and more flexible game experiences, these are franchise games – The themepark-ride immersion of this sort of game may be particularly appealing for many gamers, already fans of the settings, characters and game universes but wanting to see them through the eyes of their hero instead of over their shoulder for a change.

As well as this, the Wii’s unique control system is perfect for many different kinds of gameplay, but generally only ever one at a time, & if a developer wants to make use of the kinetic possibilities of the controllers for combat, it’s definitely going to be more effective if the player isn’t having to remember too many button-oriented controls. Especially not if that player is a bit clunky and unwilling to read the manual like this one.

“Deadspace: Extraction” should be out at the beginning of October – “Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles” has no release date yet.

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