E3 2013: The Big Winners and Losers

e3So another E3 has drawn to a close. Here at Geek Syndicate we take a look at the winners and losers and some of the surprises which came out of the event this year. This will be split into a couple of parts in which I will talk through the main talking points that E3 has raised in what a lot of commentators have said is the best E3 in the last 10 years!

Part 1 – X-Box One v PS4

Ok lets get the big one out of the way first as the biggest story was the fight between Microsoft (MS) and Sony – who would win over the gamers with their conferences and showing off their brand new consoles for the first time, and with MS winning the battle on the current generation there was a lot at stake.
Now you will get fanboys that will always stick to one brand and defend them no matter what – and in the interest of fairness and full disclosure I’ve must admit that I’ve always been a fan of the Playstation. However even with saying that, in my humble opinion there was only one clear winner from the two press conferences – With the risk of you all saying I’m biased after what I’ve just said I have to say that Sony blew Microsoft clean out of the water with their PS4 presentation.

Most commentators thought before E3 (including myself) that it would be a close run thing, MS were saying they’d be showing off the games for the Xbox One – even after their fairly disastrous pre-E3 presentation unveiling of the Xbox One, that to me felt like they were trying to sell the console as a living room TV box, and then they announced that they were cancelling all press interviews at E3 after the backlash around it always having to be online and the restrictions of selling on games that you own. This to me felt a bit like they were throwing their toys out of the pram – and to say that people without internet can just stay on the 360….what sort of message is that sending out to potential buyers?

There seemed to be a belief that Sony would focus more on these things for the PS4 after their pre-E3 presentation focused more on games and their new controller than what the console might bring to the living room. However, we couldn’t have been further from the truth – granted X-Box did go all out on games with various FMV videos and announcement of a number of exclusives, but to me it appeared there was a lack of actual in-game footage on display.

This to me was where the PS4 presentation excelled, ok there was a bit at the start where they maybe went on a little too long about the console, but this was the first time they had given any real info out on it so a bit of slack had to be given here. But boy did they also show some off an incredible amount of games too – it just felt like when they started that it was just game after game after game that came up on screen. Granted there were also quite a few videos with FMV (The Order 1886 was one of these but that was an intriguing looking game too which hadn’t leaked at all – If you haven’t seen it yet it looks like it’s set in Victorian London where you get to attack Werewolfs with Tesla guns…How cool does that sound) but there was also a surprising amount of actual live in game footage with people on stage actually playing the games (Assassins Creed looked good even though it did crash). There were also some very cool announcements about how indie developed games will be available on the platform and showed off loads in this category too (Abe’s Oddessey was a game I LOVED on PS1 and can’t wait to play a HD version of this) – and yes I know MS also said they’d have indie games but within their conference from memory I can only remember them showing a random small clip of one.

With the choice of paying £429.99 for the Xbox One or £349 for the PS4 (I know it doesn’t come with the kinect that’s forced upon you with the Xbox but personally I don’t care as I would never use it) there is only one clear winner that’s getting my money – That’s right it’s the PS4 (and it already has, as I’ve ordered my PS4 to come to me on release date with Watch Dogs)

PS4 with controller-580-90
With so much choice though what other games do I order as well?

There’s plenty more to talk about and in Part 2, I will talk about the FPS’s and other surprises that were unveiled and what ones I’m looking forward to the most…

Let me know if you agree or disagree with my ramblings in the comments section below – I’d love to know what you thought of both conferences.

Reporter: JMS1701

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