E3 News – Microsoft Confirms Xbox One Launch Date & Price

Xbox One 2Microsoft has officially announced at their E3 press event that the Xbox One will be released in November 2013 in 21 markets across the world and will cost £429 in the UK,  $499 in the US and €499 in Europe.

The £429 UK price is the same as when the original PS3 was released which was received negatively as being to expensive and the $499 US price tag is $100 more than the Xbox 360 launched in the US. We do though have to take into account that the Xbox One is bundled with a Kinect sensor. The original Kinect 1.0 cost £129 as a stand alone system so taking that into account the console is cost approximately £299 which is in line with previous console releases.

No exact November date was given but the system will be out in time for the crucial Christmas period.

Source: CVG

Reporter: Soulfinger

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  1. jms1701 /

    On today’s transfer rate $499 should have translated into a UK price of £320.80 not £429. Even in Euro’s its a terrible deal $499 should be 377 Euros – Nothing unusual though to be hugely overcharged in the EU – Thanks Microsoft 🙁

    Here’s hoping the PS4 is a better offer….

    • Yeah I reckon it will be a while before I pick up an Xbox One unless my old one suddenly packs up.

  2. Soulfinger /

    I actually think its a reasonable price taking into account what you get. A high end PC with a kinect and controller. Take off the Kinect unit and the price would be £299. The argument is weather the Kinect should have been optional. Consider that an entry level iPad cost the same and an unlocked iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4 cost over £100 more.

    Agree we always get stuffed on the price conversion but the US $499 does not include tax while our £429 does. Depending on the State the actual cost will vary from $540 – $580. It still does come in some £80 less. The Euro price is pretty on par at today’s rate.

    I think the PS4 if it doesn’t come with the Eye camera bundle will be either $349 or $399.

  3. jms1701 /

    Wow – glad I stayed up for the PS4 launch – wins hands down for me. Love the Indie support and games they have too. Plus Abe coming back “Follow me”

    Clear winner – Blew Microsoft out of the water!!!!

  4. jms1701 /

    Yup Sony BLEW Microsoft out of the water – No restrictions on selling your games, no always online anda free game every month too for the first year on Playstation Network Plus!!!!

    Nice to see lots of actual gameplay done in real time in the presentation

    All this for the price of £349 – Ok getting screwed again on the transfer rate as US it’s $399 but still that’s way better than £429.

    Death of XBox One already???

    • If I knew you were staying up for it I would have got you to do a write up for us 😀 !

  5. jms1701 /

    Yeah kinda regretting it a bit this morning though going into work with only 3 hrs sleep. Haha with it finishing at gone 4am I don’t know how good a write up you would have got 😉 – Darkphoenix wasn’t too impressed with me coming to bed that late either…

  6. Soulfinger /

    Not had a chance to watch the Sony event but that is a sweet price point. MS should have taken a hit and come in at £399 as the sub £400 is an acceptable prices especially if they stress the inclusion of the Kinect.

    I love the fact Sony have clearly come out to say no internet connect or restriction on trading games. Did you see that video they did on how to exchange games? very funny. For me the fact we still don’t clearly know what’s up with the Xbox One internet needed always on or not and that restriction on trading in games being developer based meaning its not unformed is such a mess, that is what will hurt them the most.

    I think they did a good job with the games side and showed a lot of new games, exclusive games, indie games and actual game footage but the fallout from the first launch event and the games trade in just continue to hurt them.

    It looks like this 3rd console curse might hit Microsoft hard. Also the fact the gaming world is so unforgiving is that no matter how great they recover (if they do) people will still have their backs up against them.

    • jms1701 /

      Yeah saw that video, loved there sense of humour there and dig at Microsoft. I tweeted it out this morning to Geek Syndicate, properly made me laugh though at 4am – they released that immediately after the press conference…

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