EA announces new Mass Effect 3 iOS game and app

EA have announced that it will be releasing a new iOS game and app to support the release of Mass Effect 3 next month. Mass Effect: Infiltrator and Datapad. Mass Effect: Infiltrator is a third-person shooter sporting “stunning graphics and authentic weapons and powers from the Mass Effect series”. In it, players will be tasked with freeing prisoners from a Cerberus base while pocketing evidence of the organization’s wrong-doings along the way. The second app, Mass Effect: Datapad, will allow players to keep tabs on their Mass Effect 3 galactic map while fighting Reapers in a mini-game.

Playing both games will unlock exclusive weaponry in Mass Effect 3,  which in turn decides how well Commander Shepard and crew perform in the final moments of Bioware’s trilogy capper. It’s important to note these apps aren’t required for achieving the best possible outcome, but like Mass Effect 3’s “Galaxy at War”multiplayer missions, it sounds like they’ll provide a little extra nudge in the right direction.

Mass Effect: Infiltrator is being developed Iron Monkey (Dead Space iOS), and is due for release along with the Datapad sometime “soon”. Check out the first screens Infiltrator in our gallery below:


Source: Gameradar

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