EA not making games for Nintendo Wii U

WiiUIn news that is yet another blow to Nintendo’s struggling Wii U console, publisher and games industry bigwig EA has revealed that it currently has no games in development for Nintendo’s Wii U console.With well publicised reports that the Wii U has not performed to Nintendo’s sales expectation and with perceived lack of games on the console, it has been a bad opening year for the new console. Things have now gone from bad to worse with EA revealing in an interview with games news site Kotaku that it had stopped work on Wii U games and had no plans for future games.

The Wii U launched to promises of more 3rd party developer support than the Wii had and since its launch EA games Mass Effect 3, Fifa 13 and Need for Speed Most Wanted have all been released on the console. EA did say that it would not rule out working on a Wii U game in the future.

Source: BBC.com

Reporter: Soulfinger

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