End of the road for game rental for ALL LoveFilm subscribers

Lovefilm-logoSo I posted last week that LoveFilm was ending its games rental service and at the time it seemed that this would be for just new or switch packages subscribers with current games rental subscribers keeping the services. Well I got this email today and it confirms that the rental service is ending for everyone not just new subscribers.

Hi Amaechi, 

You may have already heard reports about changes to Games rental as part of the LOVEFiLM service.

We’re very sorry if any information about service changes reached you by third party or media reports, rather than first coming from us.

From 8th August 2013, your current LOVEFiLM package will change, as we will no longer be offering Games rental. This is because we are concentrating on our core strength of providing world-class film and TV subscription services.

You can rent Games as normal until 8th August, but as of 8th July we will no longer charge you for the games rental element of your subscription – your account will be credited with the difference.

On 8th August, your package will change to 4 DVDs & Blu-rays per month, PLUS unlimited instant viewing, for £8.16 a month and your account will be automatically updated.

If you’d prefer a different package, please choose from the options on your change package page.

We very much value you as a LOVEFiLM customer, so if you have any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Happy viewing,

Personally gutted as the reason I originally subscribed to LoveFilm some 6 or so years ago was mainly for the games rental. I definitely would not have played as many games as I have over the years if it wasn’t for being able to rent them. As for the package they want me to move to……No thanks. As for all those that currently have games on rental…Hmmm…hopefully Lovefilm will have a massive preowned games sale over the summer.

Source: LoveFilm

Reporter: Soulfinger

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