Eurogamer Expo 2010 – Playstation Move and Kinect Videos

So we attended the Eurogamer Expo yesterday and got to go hands on (or in Amaechi’s case hands and feet on) with the Playstation Move and the Microsoft’s Kinect and we took a couple of vids of the tech in action for you to check out.

Playstation Move – I did find the move to be  responsive to my movements but to be honest after having the Wii for a few years I think I went in expecting more than I got. I think a lot of this may have had to do with the game I was playing which was ‘The Fight’ which started out pretty good but I soon realised (when watching the PR bloke play it) that you get a lot further when you’re just throwing your arms around like a madman rather than actually trying to pick shots and look for openings. I would love to see this tech used on something like a Fight Night game as I think if done right it could shine there.

I also saw a few people playing SOCOM and Heavy Rain on the move and that looked very good.

At the moment for me I’m happy with the Wii and until I start seeing some titles that Ireally want to play on the move I won’t be picking it up any time soon. However if you don’t have a wii and considering the price for the move it’s well worth checking out.

Microsoft Kinect – I sadly didn’t get the chance to have a go on the Kinect although Amacehi did which with hilarious results (just check out the video) according to him the Kinect was very responsive when he tried it. Watching him play the dancing game on display it  looked like a lot of fun and there was no shortage of people trying it out throughout the day. Still not sure if it’s worth the hefty price tag but I’m a lot more convinced than I was before.

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