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FamilyGamerTVThe past 10 years has seen gaming come out of the shadows of the domain of geeky teenagers and little kids to become a popular past time enjoyed by all. From kids, to mums and dads and to grandparents, everyone is gaming these days. Family Gamer TV is hosted by game enthusiast and father Andy Robertson and follows his families gaming habits.

The Family Gaming TV show is broadcast every other week. Host Andy Robertson talks about the latest games and how he finds time to play them with his busy family and work life. Andy Robertson has been a games journalist for 15 years, most recently focusing on family gaming for Radio 4 and national magazines. He now runs his own YouTube TV channel called Family Gamer TV which showcase a variety of game news, reviews and interviews and also following his own families gaming habits.

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Andy says that ” Games have been seen as damaging and isolating, particularly for children. As a parent this was a concern for me too, but they’ve become a valuable part of our family’s life.They create shared play times for the whole family. They create understanding and enthusiasm for sports, reading, art and storytelling. They create important conversations about difficult topics like life and death. Sure, video games are addictive, but they also have a lot to contribute.”

Andy started Family Gamer TV as a games guidance site from real families, children and parents. Check out the YouTube channel here

Source: Family Gamer TV

Reporter: Soulfinger

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