First DiRT Showdown Gameplay Trailer with 8-Ball Racing Mode

Developer Codemasters has unveiled the first official DiRT Showdown gameplay trailer with the 8 Ball mode of the upcoming addition to the rally orientated racing franchise showcased.

Following on from the first 3 DiRT titles, the upcoming DiRT Showdown release is to take a step away from the previous racing orientated sims opting for a more high octane approach to the lighter hearted more action packed arcade racing styles.

Lets hope we get a new Split Second or Blur!

“DiRT Showdown charges into the arcade racing space with a uniquely Codemasters feel,” said Mike Chapman, senior games designer at Codemasters.  “Whether players are using nitrous to boost, smashing into their opponents or pulling off stunts, DiRT Showdown’s fresh handling system and super-charged damage engine embed excitement into every event.” A DiRT Showdown release date has been set for May 25th 2012 with the racing release to be made available for Sony PS3, PC and Xbox 360.

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