First gameplay info for Batman Arkham City hits the web!

This month’s Gameinformer magazine had some plot hints and some gameplay reveals for the hugely anticipated (by me!) follow-up to the fantastic Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Gameinformer Story info:

– Quincy Sharp is not running for mayor.
– Arkham Asylum and Black Gate Prison are unfit to hold inmates.
– Quincy Sharp buys off part of the slums and walls it off, creating Arkham City.
– Hugo Strange is in charge of Arkham City.
– Two-Face plans to execute Catwoman to gain respect of inmates.
– The overdose of venom may not be what’s wrong with the Joker.

Gameinformer Gameplay info:

– You are now able to counter two attacks at once.
– More puzzles.
– All gadgets included in the first game are available from the start.
– Side missions now feature in the game.
– Gangs roam Arkham City, these are recorded in Batman’s criminal database.
– You find people who work for Riddler to find Riddler challenges.
– Batman has his smoke bomb.

So what do you fans of the first game think of the info so far. At the moment there’s not a lot to go on but first up I love the idea of all the gadgets from the first game being carried across to the second game. The inclusion of side missions gvie the impression that this is going to have a more sandbox feel than the first game (does this mean we’re get to drive the Batmobile or fly the Batwing I wonder?).

Even though it’s not mentioned considering the rise of multiplayer gaming I wonder if we will see some kind of co-op addition to the challenge modes? Could we see Batman partnering up with Batgirl, Nightwing or Robin…that would be very cool.

Quincy Sharp buys off part of the slums and walls it off, creating Arkham City

Nice idea, maybe this sequel should have been called Escape from Arkham City?

One thing is clear…it’s going to be a long, long wait until Autumn 2011.

Source: 8th Circuit

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  1. Conor /

    Really happy the weapons acquired in the first one will still be around in this. I’d like to see a bit more vertical movement (like the lift shaft in the first one) to take advantage of tall buildings in the city. It was more of a challenge to sneak up on people working that way.

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