First Images and Look at Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Well given the success of the first two games this was always going to happen but I’m still so damn happy to see another Uncharted game on the way. These games have not only been a great cinematic experience playing through the stories and getting to know Drake, Sully and Elena but the gameplay itself has just been so much damn fun. This is what I expect an Indiana Jones inspired game should be like (Lucasarts take note). Even the much touted co-op mode which I thought would spoil the single player element of Uncharted 2 worked really well.

Over at PopWatch there’s a preview of the game along with a very short teaser(no gameplay footage) promising that the full trailer will be revealed during the Spike Videogame Awards on Dec. 11.

According to Naughty Dog’s creative director Amy Hennig, the theme of deception plays out in multiple ways throughout the threequel, from Drake doing the deceiving to Drake being deceived to some mysterious deception about Drake’s very identity. The story focuses on the hero’s relationship with his mentor and father figure, fan fave Victor “Sully” Sullivan, and has him searching for a legendary lost city that will ultimately take him to the Arabian Peninsula and the vast wasteland of the Rub’ al Khali Desert, also known as the Empty Quarter. (Said legendary lost city has been known by various names, including “Iram of the Pillars” and the “Atlantis of the Sands”; click the link for more backstory.) – Popwatch

With the game hoping to come out next year and Arkham City on the way something tells me I’m going to have keep a few days of Annual Leave back from work.

Welcome back Drake you sonofabitch!

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Source: PopWatch

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