Future Publishing Shuts Down Nintendo Gamer Magazine

Nintendo Gamer magazine, the independent Future published Nintendo-centric magazine shuts down as it celebrates its 20th year of publishing. The magazine’s website will continue to operate.

Lee Nutter, publisher of Nintendo Gamer, described the move. “After careful consideration we’ve taken the decision to close Nintendo Gamer magazine.” He then added “With Future’s ongoing strategy to drive digital growth across its international, digitally-focussed brand business, the website, Nintendo-Gamer.net will continue as excitement builds ahead of Nintendo’s Wii U launch.”

Over its 20 years, the magazine has had many guises and reboots in respect to each generation of Nintendo console. The first iteration, Super Play, was released 1st October 1992. It recently made the transition from N-Gamer to Nintendo Gamer in preparation of the Wii U’s release. Next week’s issue, on sale 6th September, will be the very last, and will celebrate the spirit of independent Nintendo news coverage.

Subscribers will get a cancellation letter and the final edition with an exlusive subscriber-only cover, illustrated by longtime cover artist Wil Overton.

Chris Scullion, Online Editor of Nintendo Gamer had this to say: “Although as of next week the Nintendo Gamer magazine is dead, the website will continue to live on. Nintendo-Gamer.net will continue to provide you with Nintendo news, reviews and features with that same sense of humour and unmatched passion for Nintendo games that made the magazine so popular over the past two decades.”

He added, “As the Online Editor of Nintendo Gamer it is a great privilege to be able to keep the name going and I hope that the site can continue to further develop your love for Nintendo in the same way that first issue of Super Play did for me back when I was nine years old.”

This is not a great time to be a fan of Nintendo-centric publications. While Future Publishing is allowing Nintendo Gamer to live on digitally, Future US publisher of Nintendo Power, America’s official Nintendo magazine, will not be allowed the same privilege, as it winds down to its final issue in December 2012.

Reporter: Dean Simons

Sources: MCV, Nintendo Gamer, Nintendo Power, Future Publishing, Future US

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  1. The days of video game magazines are winding down. I don’t even know what’s alive anymore.

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