GAME NEWS: Guild Wars 2 Release Hounded with Problems

It’s very safe to say that I have been looking forward to the release of Guild Wars 2 for 5 years, since a lovely NCSoft employee told me about it at Bristol Comic Expo in 2007. The better half even provided me with food and drink to my desk so I could get the most of the pre-release weekend last weekend (full review of the game coming soon).  However it hasn’t been without it’s problems.

There has been constant problems with the guild feature and the trading system is still not up and running, two days after official release and five days since pre-release access. Also people who purchased the game well in advance have still not even been able access the game at all.

Now reports are coming out that players are receiving email notifications for a password change request made on their account that wasn’t done by them.

Possibly the targets of phishing attempts some have taken to Twitter and Facebook to tell the developer that they are receiving them daily

NCSoft has issued a warning urging players to ignore these emails but compared with the security some MMOs have offered, such as Star Wars: The Old Republics Security Key App it seems like little to ease worries.

At the time of writing this the game is up and running , the guild system is working however the trading post only lets you buy gems from the game not trade between players.  However there are still a lot of players unable to get off.

Do you think this is the worst MMO release in history? Have you had a good or bad Guild Wars 2 experience so far? Comment below

GS Sources: Facebook, Twitter

GS Reporter: Amy

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