Chinese Father Hires Gamer to Kill His Son in Online Games

HitmanWell here’s a first. A father in China hired online hitmen to try to kill off his son’s gaming character as he was worried that his son was addicted to games and spends to much time on his computer.

The father known as “Mr Feng” told gaming website Kotaku that he was concerned that his 23-year-old unemployed son, “Xiao Feng” was spending far too much time playing games on his computer. He thought if we hired gamers with hager levels and stronger characters than his son then his son would get bored or angry with constantly being killed when he played and stop playing.  Xiao Feng on finding out what his father had done after asking a particular gamer why he was so focused on trying to kill him all the time,  then told his dad that he did not have an addiction to gaming and could give up any time and that he was not looking for “any job” and that he wanted to find one that suited him.

Apparently the father was happy with his sons comment in reassuring him he did not have a gaming addiction. No word yet on if the gamer now has job.


Oh how things have changed. In my day my mum would have simply thrown my computer out the top floor window before dry slapping me into the next week……even at age 23.


Source: Kotaku China

Reporter: Soulfinger

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