Lego LOTR Features Open-World Middle-Earth

Papa's got a brand new Baggins.

The latest brick-based adventure from Warner Bros will be Lord of The Rings which will feature an open-world Middle-Earth.  Will this keep Lego and LOTR fans entertained or after thirteen games is the Lego game concept losing its glossy plastic shine?

The latest announcements have revealed that Lego Lord of the Rings will feature not only an open-world but also crafting in the form of Blacksmith shops which will allow you to create items using the mystical Mithrill metal.

The game will also feature all the big baddie greats such as the Balrog and the Witch-King and a huge 80 characters to unlock.  I don’t think I can even name 80 Lord of Rings characters, well maybe if I just assign the orcs numbers.

With it set for release this Autumn it is timed perfectly for the release of the Wii-U.

However this will be the 13th release from the Lego franchise and I am getting a bit bored of the play mechanics, they seem to have become very similar.  I think this will sell well however I will probably buy it but never complete it, like most of my other Lego games.

GS Source: Eurogamer


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