Lord British Joins Kickstarter Gold Rush

670232abc9a7251c55cbf7789427c226_largeKickstarter’s “Gaming” section continues to look like the St Nostalgia’s Old Folks Home, as Richard “Lord British” Garriott, launches “Shroud of the Avatar“, asking for a cool million dollars. 

Garriott was a big name in RPGs thanks to his massively successful “Ultima” series back in the 1990s, but his recent work on Tabula Rasa was much less successful, and he left under somewhat of a cloud.  Shroud of the Avatar’s Kickstarter page is full of big ideas, however; a  shared world but strong story-driven plots, class-free character development, and “groundbreaking” takes on Crafting and Player vs Player combat. A little light on detail as yet but its early days, and as it looks sure to hit its funding goal, I guess we’ll find out in the long run.

GS Reporter: Matt

Source: Kickstarter

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