Now Greenlit, “Asylum” Comes to Kickstarter

asylum_trailer_hd-382723-1279003417The craze for funding games via Kickstarter doesn’t seem to end, does it?

Three years in the making, newly approved for Steam’s “Greenlight” program,  Senscape’s Asylum now has a Kickstarter.

By their own admission, this is a nearly completed game, and this feels (to me) as if Kickstarter is being used here more as an incentive-driven pre-order and publicity vehicle than a method of funding.

Still, there are rewards to be had and also a host of content to absorb about this creepy, Lovecraftian game on its Kickstarter page. There is also a video:

It looks pretty interesting, I have to admit. But really, is this what Kickstarter is supposed to be about?

GS Reporter:

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